nadaps frontA New Category is Born: Nadaps - Honey-Dried Vegetables

Nadaps is a worldwide unique premium product, a new category which is produced of vegetables – beetroot, jerusalem artichoke, carrot and celery – with the addition of honey and other natural substances. The Nadaps products are manufactured by a gentle technological process without any heat treatment.

The innovative patent procedure is called the honey-drying process by which a high level of moisture of the vegetables are substituted with honey. The rest of the product then is treated on a low temperature and carefully dehydrated to the desired extent. This method enables to preserve most of the biological values of the main components.

The product is produced of GMO-free vegetables and it contains no preservatives. It is also rich in minerals, vitamins and fibres. Moreover, the protein content of the honey remain bioactive.


Nadaps is a delicious product that consists of several components. It can be consumed as an energy source as well as it can be used as a raw material in catering trade and confectionery.